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Battle of the Pitch Decks: Whitehorse

The Battle of the Pitch Decks is back, and this time, the competition is crossing regional borders and provincial ones too! The second Battle of the Pitch Decks was held in Whitehorse via Zoom, hosted by Jordan Schley (Capital Investment Network) and Tessa Bousfield (VIATEC). Each startup had 7 minutes to share its pitch deck with the virtual audience and panel of judges.

The competition started with Neighbourly North, a local Yukon business. Neighbourly North is leading the second wave of the sharing economy and creating the future of hospitality. Their quality-controlled short-term rentals solve the most prominent accommodation pain points experienced by millennial travelers, not finding a place to stay in rural areas. Ben Pereira, President, and Co-founder emphasized the importance of travelers feeling a sense of community when visiting the Yukon.

"We not only want our guests to have an amazing place to stay but also have a community connection. We want them to see the artwork by Ted Harrison, Jim Robb, and Richard Shorty and read the poems by Robert Service and stores by Jack London". -Ben Pereira

Followed by Scott Keesey, the President and Co-founder of Discovelo, another local Yukon business. Discovelo helps users manage stress through game-play and movement, promoting emotional regulation and improving outcomes starting in classrooms. Their software helps specifically children manage emotional and mental challenges when connected to stationary bikes. The app is a creative, fun learning, engaging experience for the students helping with anxiety reduction and increased productivity. Teachers can also view the data to help better address student's needs.

Discovelo has currently raised 90k under convertible note for their $150k pre-seed leading up to seed (Proposed terms are 20% discount at a $2.5M cap).

Lastly, we had Alastair Smith, the President and Co-founder of Proskida, a leader in sports performance software. Proskida gives coaches and athletics the data they are looking for. This software helps coaches and athletics understand the performance data they are most interested in. They can access their data efficiently and see where they lost or gained time. Proskida currently has six national ski teams and two pro cycling teams using their software. They are currently actively selling in Europe and USD, with a monthly recurring revenue growing over 20%.

"Proskida is the product of dedicated athletes and the outdoor lifestyle of Canada's Yukon Territory."

Audience Favorite: Proskida

Winner chosen by the Judges: Proskida

Proskida will be moving onto the Finale on June 2nd, along with the winner from Vancouver, Lucent BioSciences.

Battle Schedule:


  • Erin Alexander (WEL Vancouver)

  • Steve Konishita (Start Yukon)

  • Carollynn Schafer (Accelerate Okanagan)

  • Pieter Dorsman (Angel Forum)

  • Robert Bennett (VIATEC)

  • Stephanie Andrews (Capital Investment Network)

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