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An Update From Our Community Fund - Cindicates

As 2022 draws to a close, we at Cindicates felt now would be an excellent time to both take a snapshot of our current situation and look toward the future. Before diving into the details, here's a quick refresher on the basics of Cindicates:

  • Cindicates was officially launched in 2021 with the goal of allowing anyone to take part in venture capital investing.

  • Cindicates is managed by a group of experienced entrepreneurs and investors who analyze potential investments together.

  • As of now, Cindicates has invested in 12 seed/early-stage companies.

Two of Cindicates' most recent investments are Voxcell Bioinnovation and Qase:

  • Voxcell Bioinnovation is breaking new ground through the development of human-like tissue solutions for drug development and cancer research. Voxcell is led by the talented Dr. Karolina Valente and has seen major interest from big players in the drug development industry.

  • Qase is revolutionizing the legal referral process through a booking agent that saves time for lawyers and clients alike. Qase has seen considerable traction in California and British Columbia alike and hopes to become the go-to legal referral software for North America.

Other investments include:

  • Care2Talk - Offers an all-in-one platform that enables older adults to connect to loved ones' simplicity.

  • Joni - An organic period care company that provides innovative products from sustainable materials and provides superior protection.

  • LetHub - An AI leasing platform for residential property managers that rents out properties 10X faster than a leasing agent.

  • Pivott - Software that automates property managers' tasks and interaction with vendors, suppliers, and contractors.

  • Signalytics - A Social enterprise that strives to create a long-lasting change that will improve the ability of healthcare providers to deliver quality care and reduce mortality.

  • Simbi - An online reading platform that motivates children to read by providing them with opportunities to read alongside narrators.

  • Solaires - Uses perovskite to develop next-generation solar technology that revolutionizes and accelerates the energy transition toward a cleaner world.

  • Tuktu - An on-demand service that connects aging adults (or their loved ones) to their neighbours for lifestyle support needs – such as grocery runs, simple household fixes, companionship, dog walks and companionship.

  • Open Ocean Robotics - A marine robotics and software company that provides autonomous data collection and analytics as a subscription and service.

  • VINN - An automotive e-commerce platform where buyers can search for vehicles, start buying online, and go to the dealership ready to pick up the car they want.

While we at Cindicates have seen great success in the past year, we are also excited to grow the fund even more. Cindicates is actively accepting new investors for our Cohort B as we hope to take advantage of the opportunities that the current market situation has provided. The current minimum investment amount is $10,000, and investors can invest through their RRSP or TFSA for additional value.

If you are a like-minded accredited investor or an upcoming startup, please visit their website at or contact

Deadline to invest in Cohort B December 15th, 2022

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