Victoria Vipers is a group of Victoria BC Angel Investors who meet with startups to provide coaching as well as tough, constructive, and honest feedback. This group is organized by the Capital Investment Network.

The Vipers are experienced tech executives, successful entrepreneurs who exited, and other highly experienced business professionals and supporters who are also active angel investors in their own right.

How the Victoria Vipers work … they meet with compelling Victoria and Vancouver Island startups for a one-hour (or so) meeting at an undisclosed location. Generally, 3-4 Victoria Vipers meet with the startup to hear the pitch and provide constructive feedback to the founder(s) on the startup, the pitch, the plan, and how to think about angel fundraising in BC.

This is a one-time meeting, and the goal is 100% to benefit the startup and help them think through their business, opportunity, and fundraising based on expert advice and street smart experience.

If you think your startup is compelling and you would like to meet the Victoria Vipers, please click the “Connect with the Vipers” button and send in an email with solid information about your startup as well as attach your pitch deck.

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